O'Neill Enterprises History

The mission of O’Neill Enterprises LLC is to profitably over time - for our shareholders, employee associates and investors/partners - plan, entitle, develop/build, market, sell and manage residential communities, neighborhoods and homes of exceptional and lasting value to our customers and the greater community. Genuine respect for, sensitivity to and enhancement of the social, built and natural environments will continue to be the hallmark of everything O’Neill Enterprises does.

Mission Statement – O’Neill Enterprises LLC

Since its establishment in 1979 as River Run Development Company, O'Neill Enterprises LLC (OELLC) has focused its business on the creation of residential and mixed-use communities "of exceptional and lasting value." The company's dedication to its mission statement is evident in the market acceptance of all its Idaho communities: Bown Crossing, Canyon Point, River Run, Spring Meadow, The Springs, Meadow Creek and Surprise Valley in Boise; Spring Mountain Ranch in McCall; Lane Ranch in Sun Valley; and Woodbridge in Meridian.

Headquartered in Boise, a number of factors have contributed to OELLC’s emergence as one of the region's most respected developers of planned residential and mixed-use communities. To begin with, OELLC communities provide a unique lifestyle with a diversity of options and homes in a variety of sizes, styles and price ranges. Bown Crossing, a mixed-use community, features a wide selection of residential homes, as well as a neighborhood marketplace with specialty shops, eateries and professional offices. OELLC communities also provide a variety of amenities that blend natural settings, such as open spaces, waterways and riparian areas, with recreation facilities like bike paths, walkways and recreation centers.

Respecting Diversity In Lifestyle Needs and Nature

OELLC communities typically are separated by open spaces, landscaped common areas and recreational facilities. In Bown Crossing, the residential areas, marketplace and professional offices are tied together through common landscaping and architectural features. Starting with the careful consideration of each site's unique geographic characteristics, the planning and concept of every OELLC community seeks to provide open spaces, and to create or improve existing water and riparian areas wherever possible and appropriate. In the words of OELLC founder, Peter S. O'Neill, "Our goal is for people to come into an O’Neill community and think that the place 'always looked like this.' Ironically, we know we've done the job right when we don't get credit for it!"

Creating distinctly different neighborhoods that form a larger community helps to respect the diversity of housing and affordability choices of OELLC’s customers. By including a variety of lifestyle choices in its mixed-use communities, along with the housing types and options it offers in all of its communities (such as single family homes, townhomes, condominiums and apartments), a greater number of people can afford and enjoy the overall ambiance of the communities OELLC creates.

Each of OELLC’s developments underscores the company's mission statement commitment to have "genuine respect for, sensitivity to and enhancement of the environment." Examples of this commitment include the following:

  • Conveniently located off of State Highway 20/26 (Chinden Boulevard), The Tree Farm will offer a unique and highly desirable variety of housing and commercial opportunities. As a planned mixed-use community, there will be plenty of open space and community amenities to be enjoyed by its residents; such as a community center, pools, parks, walking paths, commercial space, a working retail nursery, easy access to Spurwing Golf Course and a beautifully designed landscape plan throughout the community which will tie into the wonderful farming history of the land. The Tree Farm will be a positive addition the North Meridian area.
  • In the heart of Southeast Boise—Bown Crossing—is one of OELLC’s newest communities. Bown Crossing combines a specialty marketplace of boutiques and shops, restaurants and professional offices with a variety of housing selections including custom homes and luxury villas, townhomes, single-family casitas, and residential lofts in the marketplace. The residents and businesses, each benefiting for the proximity of the other, create a thriving community with beautifully landscaped open areas, water amenities, meeting places, bustling sidewalks and a welcome return to the neighborhood in its fullest sense.
  • Perched on the rim of the Boise River canyon, Canyon Point is another new OELLC community in Southeast Boise. Graced with spectacular views of the Boise foothills, Canyon Point is surrounded by public lands on all sides. An exclusive neighborhood of 18 estate-size custom homesites, Canyon Point is an inspired setting with quick access to downtown and outdoor recreation.
  • In Boise's River Run and Spring Meadow communities, with a combined total of over 850 living units and 65,000 square feet of office space, OELLC worked closely with the City of Boise and a multitude of other agencies to create a twomile natural habitat expansion of the Boise River greenbelt system. In addition, OELLC created new streams and riparian areas that were designed to reestablish spawning beds and raring habitat for trout, which also serve as a haven for a variety of other wildlife species.
  • At Spring Mountain Ranch, the first planned community in the McCall area, approved for up to 700 housing units of a variety of types, OELLC created 11 new acres of wetlands, six acres of ponds, and new stream corridors. OELLC has also worked with the city of McCall to upgrade the community's water system, create a spectacular new 9hole addition to the municipal golf course, and establish an eastside bypass road and bicycle path.
  • For Boise's Surprise Valley community, comprised of 650 single-family, condominium and apartment units, over a quarter of the site, alongside the 480 acre Barber Pool Wildlife Preserve, was set aside as open space much of it preserved in its natural state. More than three and a half miles of public and private bicycling and walking paths are linked to planned Oregon Trail improvements and a proposed neighborhood park. Human scale neighborhoods offering different housing options are separated by generous open space, but linked by an off-street pathway system.
  • At its 110 home high-end Lane Ranch community in Sun Valley, OELLC worked with local engineers and a leading group of environmental specialists to transform drainage from Elkhorn Creek and an irrigation ditch into a stunning system of ponds, streams and wetlands. The vegetation in this new riparian zone functions as a living area for wildlife and provides shade and stream bank stability for fish endowing the community with some of the best habitat for trout, waterfowl and song birds in the valley.
  • OELLC’s 220 home community, Meadow Creek, in Northwest Boise has as its centerpiece a totally reconstructed and vastly expanded drainage ditch through an overgrazed pasture. The end result is a thriving stream channel and associated wetlands that support an extensive variety of aquatic, mammal and bird life, and significantly add to the ambiance of the overall neighborhood and community.
  • Woodbridge, OELLC’s 283 homesite community in Meridian, focuses on a quarter mile stretch of Five Mile Creek, with its stream channels and associated riparian edges significantly enhanced. It also provides the setting for a wood bridge as its crossing.

Recognition and Results

During the past 20 years, OELLC has developed or is currently developing communities incorporating more than 2,600 living units. With the completion of current projects, Bown Crossing and Canyon Point, the company will continue to be a leading provider of quality residential and mixed-use communities in the future as well.

The quality of OELLC’s work has not gone unrecognized. In 1990, the company earned national recognition from the Urban Land Institute with its prestigious Award for Excellence for OELLC’s River Run community in Boise. Other honors have included National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB)/Professional Builder Magazine "Best in American Living" awards, NAHB/Builder Magazine "Institute of Residential Marketing" awards, NAHB/Pacific Coast Builder's Conference "Gold Nugget" regional awards, as well as Boise City Design Review Awards.

O’Neill Enterprises, LLC is owned by Derick O’Neill, and will continue to carry on new development activities and remain a managing member of existing developments.

In 2007 Bown Crossing received the Idaho Smart Growth Award and Pete won the March of Dimes Man of the Year award.

“What we do will be around, be seen and enjoyed for a long time.”

- A guiding principle for O’Neill Enterprises LLC